Way ahead of health care and the war in Iraq follow this link.

Found an exit poll of Democratic primary voters to the economy as their most important issue in the election, way ahead of health care and the war in Iraq, according to CQ Today (Kapochunas, CQ Today, according to the survey, cites 55 percent of the democratic primary voters the economy as their most important election concern, compared with 21 percent health care health care and 21 percent who cited the war in Iraq. Democratic primaries democratic primary, cited health care as their most important campaign issue, have voted 64 percent for Obama and 35 percent voted for Clinton, took the poll (CBSNews follow this link .

The study by Hui Li and others in the laboratory of Kenneth Kidd, Professor of Genetics, Psychiatry, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology publishes 2nd in the journal PLoS ONE.Scientists have long known that help many Asians variants of genes to regulate to regulate alcohol metabolism. Some of these genetic variants can make people feel uncomfortable, sometimes even get sick if they drink small amounts of alcohol. As a result of the prevalence of this gene, but not all, communities have low in countries like China, Japan and Korea, rates of alcoholism.

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