Was the use of delayed antibiotics or no antibiotics acceptable.

Help help that the adoption of these strategies would be to limit the vicious circle of the medicalization of self-limiting illness when antibiotics are prescribed. Immediate antibiotic prescribing is appropriate, the number of patients with coughs again to limit within the next few months, but only by a little more than delayed antibiotic prescription. The challenge now is for clinicians and researchers, to determine which groups are at risk of undesirable results and identify those patients respiratory infections, selectively benefit from immediate antibiotic prescription, ‘on the researchers write.. Those patients who seem to have little benefit for uncomplicated infections of the lower respiratory tract’As a result, of our patients from primary care acute uncomplicated acute uncomplicated infections of the lower respiratory tract, was the use of delayed antibiotics or no antibiotics acceptable, resulted in little difference in duration or severity of symptoms compared with immediate treatment with antibiotics considerably reduced both suggest the use of antibiotics and belief in antibiotics.

Second, physicians should be sure patients if take antibiotics, they expect that a cough lasts informed last about 3 weeks and that for at least 25 % of patients would take almost a month. Third, by prescribing antibiotics it clinician clinicians training patients these drugs are to be expected. Should feel compelled to an an antibiotic at least with the tactics of delay prescriptions to mitigate the impact of these prescription errors. Fourth, the patient needs to be addressed on the agenda for the visit.This research by grants from the National Institutes of Health and said U.S. Department of Agriculture and is part supported through Cumbre, ARTSIMOVITCH ,, Cumbre on the framework of the study.

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