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To go to:What is Neuroblastoma?One of the most common cancers in childhood, about two-thirds which accounts for 8 percent of all cases. The word neuroblastoma consists of three parts, which together form the disease. Neuro + blast + oma Neuroblastoma, then a tumor of the developing countries nerves or nerve tissue. These solid tumors can begin in any of the nerves in the pelvis, abdomen or neck, but the two most common sides are the beginning the stomach and the tissue around the adrenal glands, which sit on top each kidney.

By the time they doctor doctor, about two-thirds of children with neuroblastoma have metastases tumors. Neuroblastoma has many symptoms, but the most common is the pain a growing tumor a growing tumor pressing against the nerves, bones or spinal cord. If the to the area into the area behind the eyes, neuroblastoma, have protruding eyes and / or dark circles.It will help you you sleep better. You eat a healthy breakfast. Where you drive to work, keep healthy snacks in in the car, such as dried fruit, unsalted nuts, and bottled water. This is also contribute to pulse effect, if you have the gas station. Try organizing a car pool with colleagues and friends such that the fuel prices and Take may be used. With a in the motor vehicle will probably make these traffic jam torques less stressful.. The study was out of that also childless women Been into long-term relationships well as more affected than men.

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