Three studies found that safer sex education reduced risk of chlamydia transmission.

Only 12 of the 23 studies included in the review examined whether safer sex education influenced STI transmission rates. Three studies found that safer sex education reduced risk of chlamydia transmission, but for gonorrhea and trichomoniasis, the behavioral program not change infection rates. None of the studies examined how the behavioral program affects HPV infection prices -. ‘The studies are probably included too small in terms of the number of young women to ultimately decide whether or not behavioral interventions can help prevent infection,’said Shepherd.

So far it was not known how this developed female domination. Researchers in Groningen therefore created a virtual world DomWorld with which they could simulate the interactions between monkeys.PrehistoryIn 2008, investigators have shown the Institute for Industrial, radioactively physics and environment security at the University of Valencia and the University Hospital La Fe, that propolis is added to at half of damage chromosomes through reduced ionised radiation thus protects the DNA from these effects. The new study is is of fundamental importance for the discovery the range of concentrations in which this material can be for on non – cells exposed.

It is improving emergency aidOn throughout 2010 has the world been hit by a wide range of major natural catastrophes. ‘Research the logistics can help you to alleviate the suffering in the wake such catastrophes,’says Norwegian researcher Marianne years. ‘Relief effort much more than the construction of streets and transport of food activities for disaster victims have They also involve such factors decide how, where, to ensure pre-position shares from relief goods where where the supply, and that all the operation. Economically as possible. Research can play a role in of development of better systems and models who play to improve the efficiency of aid, ‘says Professor years.

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