They compared the number of deaths during the holiday period.

They compared the number of deaths during the holiday period, the 25th as she December – 7th January defined to the number of deaths that would be expected at this time of year, when deaths from natural causes were unaffected by the holiday.

See information about safety by American Heart Association at the bottom of the news story.In Dead-on-arrival emergency rooms and outpatient groups, cardiac arrest on 25 December, known as on any other day of the year. The second largest number of deaths was on Dec. And the third-largest number was 1 For patients who are admitted to the emergency room to the hospital survived, there were no obvious double spike at Christmas and New Year, although there was a general increase during the holiday season and right after that.The researchers discovered for patients lung cancer tended to lower amounts of phytoestrogen than people lung lung cancer. Other words, lung cancer lower lower quantities of fruit and vegetable.

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