There is also a very important historical connection between the company and malaria.

There is also a very important historical connection between the company and malaria. Chiltern by by Dr.JCGarnham and Mr.SPGarnham, the son and grandson of Professor PCCGarnham, FRCP , FRS. It was Professor Garnham himself who discovered the last great secret of the life cycle of the malaria parasite in humans – – the exo – erythrocytic cycle of Plasmodium vivax – which means that to survive , the organism capable of in the human liver a long time was showed. Ensure full treatment of the disease and the possible prevention of clinical disease.

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Addition to Stage I aim of the definition the maximal tolerated dose on AVN944 Avalon examination will a complete set of pharmaco biomarkers using of its proprietary gene expression of platform AvalonRx . This markers which earlier identifies in response to exposures AVN944 into a variety of laboratory settings, In laboratory tests biochemistry effects of the medication the protein feature and guanine nucleotide plane and to be used as tools optimal dose of optimal dose by the Phase II this this an interim analysis study data will how this biomarker correlation with biological activity the active substance in patients in study..

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