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Forty-seven % of teens in the sample were overweight or obese, but that %age increased to 56.2 % among those who were affected with four or more stressors. ‘We found that an adolescent or youth who caused by such things stressed – caused by such things as having poor grades, mental health problems, more aggressive behavior, or doing more drugs and alcohol causes – is also more likely to be overweight or obese, ‘said lead author Brenda Lohman, an Iowa State assistant professor of human development and family studies .

Mothers receive the initial focus ofWhile this study raises mothers, fathers are not immune to their child’s weight status either. My own research on fathers and shows that fathers also have an influence on children’s eat habits and obesity concentrated, said Stewart, author of the book Brave New stepfamilies, who had written a different study of the Journal of Adolescent Health last month to non-resident father engagement and adolescents eating habits.Rose, Michael R. Casandra L. Laurence D. Late Life: A New Frontier for Physiology. Physiology and Biochemical Zoology 78:6.

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