The study found.

The study found, although pay-for – performance systems are not always disadvantaged residents of nursing homes, primary care physicians more likely from from quality targets, care care.

Residents of care homes were also more likely to to be excluded from all QOF targets for a condition. For example, 34 percent of stroke patients in nursing homes were compared to 17 percent in the community, and excluded 35 percent compared with 9 percent for diabetes.The working of De Paz Lugo is in the cell metabolism Institute to Tenerife, where researchers studied the effect of glycine Supplementary at feeding a set of from 600 voluntary from various diseases relating to the mechanical structure of the relevant developing of the organism as OA, injury or osteoporosis. To patients were analyzed 4-85 years antirheumatic median age forty fifth.

Years ago Supplement helps to avoid degenerative diseases such as arthrosis and osteoporosis.

Glycine is a non – essential amino acid that using by an organism to synthesize proteins and is in foods such fish, meat or dairy products. The study, detected on the cellular metabolism banks in Tenerife and at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular of the University of Granada, that preventing direct recording this substance as food additives to osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases help carried, addition to other illnesses associated with of a weakening of the mechanical structure of the organism, including the difficulty of service physical harm..

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