The sign of a heart attack vary from person to person

The sign of a heart attack vary from person to person, but common complaints include central chest pain, pain to the arms to the arms, neck, jaw or nausea, sweaty or short of breath accompanied by pain symptoms may be so mild as discomfort in the chest , which bad bad indigestion .

the ECG monitor my quality of life has improved beyond belief, I no longer suffer from stress or panic attacks. The moment I feel no pain in the chest I can have a cardiac arrest self-test and within a few minutes, I know that that the symptoms of my heart condition or are not related. Without the need to go to hospital It has really changed my life, added Mr. Hasan.

Comparing In the current study, the researchers 41 pediatric cardiac patient, which CPT with the control group does not non – Herz operation no CPB. Neurological and developmental problems test been carried out two weeks before the and six months surgery in either group. When controlling the effects of hospitalization and scared, researchers found no significant differences between groups to IQ notes and test of memory, motor functions and of attention. No said surgical groups had a fall in of neuropsychological Partituren after surgery. In terms of the effects of trial, told Quartermain: ‘The is often a challenge for cardiologists, referring by for one child for a child without a symptoms of to the operating room for repair an underlying cardiac defect , it is now clear Philadelphia, decision. Neurodevelopmental consequences of out of cardiopulmonary in this set of school-aged patients should no have a major factor in this important decision. ‘.

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