The primary endpoints were 6 month progression-free survival go to this link.

The primary endpoints were 6 – month progression-free survival , as no clinical or MRI tumor growth and the objective response , the tumor shrinkage measure defined. Secondary end points included safety and survival. Response assessments were performed by a blinded ) and independent radiological facility go to this link . All patients were followed for 24 weeks the efficacy and safety the efficacy and safety.

Patients in the study are still treated so that the longer-term results are available.Was also by its brand name, Avastin, bevacizumab, already approved for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer and most forms of metastatic non – small cell lung cancer known. Planning and executionon, the planning and execution of UVA will contain additional brain tumor clinical trials with bevacizumab and other anti-VEGF.

###An institution Development Award in from to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia supports these research. Hakonarson co-authors, all from Hospital for Children, among others, Patrick View MA Sleiman, Julien All, Jonathan spurrey, Robert Meier reason 430 M. Grunstein, and Mark Magnusson, MD Hans Bisgaard, from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and worked.

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