The poster presented: 29 October 2009

The poster presented: – 29 October 2009, 10 – 12 clock – Poster Board: TH-PO615 – Lead Investigator: Prof. Angel Luis Mart n de Francisco, Universidad de Cantabria, Santander .’Investment in the CALMAG study our commitment to the best treatment for dialysis patients emphasizes ‘said Dr . Emanuele Gatti, Chief Executive Officer of Fresenius Medical Care for the regions of Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. ‘These results bring us one step closer to our goal of an integrated care. ‘.

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The newer part to the START study published now used a questionnaire2 mixture order which chronic side effects of various dose radiation to early breast, As time to assess been been uncertain.

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The researchers found in that long-term adverse reactions in common for all radiation therapy schedule by around 40 % total women report modest or marked changes of of the chest since treatment Been. Over time, breast complaints and body of Stock image concerns was reduction.

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