The gene with the pronounced effect.

The gene with the pronounced effect, Ash-2 makes a protein as Methyltransferase – means it works with other proteins, to add a chemical days a methyl group represented by a component of a cell DNA packaging machines, Which is a histone known. The presence or absence of this variable affects whether the DNA to close as yarn on a spool or unfolded, so that the genes to be expressed is wound.

very plastic very plastic process, said Brunet, that Ash that Ash-2 also works elsewhere warned in the worm. This will not affect reproduction directly tagging, but it somehow speaks to the rest of the body to affect the whole organism. Perhaps, they speculate that by the loss by the loss of Ash-2 work together with other factors mature eggs mature eggs to prolong the life of the animal selected.– demolish a great number of embryo. – discriminatory opposite embryonic with several handicaps.

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For the study, researchers autopsies the brains of 426 Japanese-American men who Been inhabitants of of Hawaii , and die an average age of 87. Of these, 211 was been diagnosed with with dementia if they lived, non-specific attributed to for Alzheimer ‘s disease.

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