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Brenda Wiederhold at the Virtual Reality Medical Center with James Spira work and Rizzo and other experts on PTSD. These the effectiveness of virtual reality for treating acute PTSD in non – combat troops as medics and truck drivers. These service members are exposed to their own unique require different types of require different types at virtual reality scenarios.

ONR program manager Cmdr. Russell Shilling explains: ‘Our aim is to provide therapists with innovative tools and techniques for early intervention and treatment of PTSD symptoms Early intervention is the key virtual reality therapy has been proven and we hope that it is effective against acute PTSD related to combat. We also hope that this type of therapy, with his video game-like qualities, is also in tune with the current generation of warfighters. Virtually by Medical and Biological computer science ONR and Technology Division.To make a financial donation to the Red Cross in order to people who contribute to by this storm and other catastrophes here to in the USA and affected all over the world, that people could in, call or text – Access this, call 1-800 – CROSS RED or text the word of Redcross at ninety thousand nine hundred ninety-nine donate to a $ 10. The storm is also impact blood collections in the areas concerned. To find out blood donors blood donor, visit here.

In North Carolina, eviction order to some of the the islands who been issued. Earl was arrive in to carried late on Thursday and early on Friday, and of the Red Cross offers 14 waiting areas prepared, with a greater than 80 sites identifying additional protective when needed to open. Updates shelter location information being easily available on the Red Cross website by clicking ‘Find a shelters ‘.

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