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Erlinda Maria Gordon, Medical Director of Epeius Biotechnologies, ‘and an important validation of our medical mission. ‘Indeed, Rexin – G is the first in a new class of targeted anti-cancer agents, with a sophistication that simple simple antibody Rexin – G is the flagship of tumor – targeted genetic medicine. ‘Smart ‘, ‘Stealth ‘, ‘selective’and ‘potent’nano – medicine that not only seeks and collects in cancerous lesions spread throughout the body spread throughout the body, but delivers a tumor – killing designer gene where it is needed most, selectively to destroy tumor cells and their attendant blood supply, while sparing normal cells and tissue. At the 2009 at the 2009 ASCO G. Symposium ‘Rexin – G Shrinks metastatic tumors and Triples survival Time in Chemotherapy-Resistant pancreatic Cancer, ‘documenting survival benefits, without toxicity as monotherapy, if all else fails..

African-American in Pediatric Heart Transplant Patients alive 10 years after the operationWhite heart transplant patients under 18 years to more than twice as likely to live a decade after surgery, their African-American counterparts, new Johns Hopkins research suggests.The data has been initially reported on Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal (Alexanderplatz.. Minneapolis Star Tribune: Also known Medtronic Tuesday that $ 15,000 in advising and bonuses paid two hundred and twenty-seven physicians. The Fridley-based medical items giant with the come under attack in recent years of severe payments to doctors of at least at least a veneer of a conflict of interest. The industry defended the practices as critical to product development , but to reveal Medtronic agreed last year payments to whom it is paid amounting exceeding $ 5, Starting in 2012, Medtronic and other device makers are discloses such payments under any provision of in health care bill.

Emma Pease. At age 12 years from Barnoldswick, Lancashire Empire a liver at St. James Hospital at Leeds replaced by in 2006 the age 9 years old. Her mum looks forward to and learn and learn a lot of period skiing, as this is her first time. Emma also took over to the British Transplant Games and is a passionate horse rider. Charlie Nash, at the age of 9 year old, Southsea, Hants Charlie a little girl having a large personality of! she received a new heart is at Great Ormond Street Hospital at age 6 years of age due to difficult congenital heart defect.

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