Thalassemia can not be cured by medicines.

Thalassemia can not be cured by medicines, but a bone marrow transplant a bone marrow transplant. This is a painful and dangerous treatment, and the patient may die from complications. Bone marrow transplantation is best done when a child is very young, before the iron build up. However, in order have a successful bone marrow transplant, it must be a suitable donor, which generally to be a brother or sister. Many children with thalassemia can not get a transplant because they no dispenser.

Making ‘ designer babies ‘. Was a controversial subject in the world, many scientists and doctors say it would cure many sick children to make some ensure that this is the beginning of more ominous things to come.The age-related macular degeneration being to common cause of blindness in older patients the developed world. Vascular endothelial growth factor being one of the main mediators of to stimulate abnormal growth of blood vessels and leakage characteristic the exsudative form of the disease. Pegaptanib sodium is a new treatment of exudative AMD, and was demonstrated that for stabilizing visions in example 70 % of the.

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