Some experts said.

Some experts said, In addition ‘feminization’of the epidemic in the country is a result of the changing nature of HIV transmission, as well as changes in social norms, gender and sexual habits, the Times reported. Although drug use remains a primary mode of HIV transmission in the country, sex is always the spread of the virus, according to the Times.

But as consumers in a business, it is difficult advantages and disadvantages of pros and cons of buying a fish, because the amount of readily available information is limited, .. The researchers, led by Susan Korrick, MD and Emily Oken, MD, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital , summed up the problem of fish consumption choice for toxicological, nutritional, environmental and economic aspects of the evaluation of scientific literature, public Health has concluded guidelines and fish consumption advisories in the United States.As well visibleUniversity of Florida in researchers say they be one step closer to a technique used light recognize a variety of types of cancer until symptoms become apparent.

Was In that case aim target platelet derived growth factor and PDGF or a protein, cell growth and cell division High Angle PDGF levels different forms of to various forms of cancer, and have been found in patients with malignant diseases of the ovary, pancreatic and cerebral. – After the probe equal to the physical PDGF the molecule can like a light switch, a fluorescent signals is blinking can be snapped on. Tan, deputy director to the UF Centre for research at Bio / Nano interface is to ready to the technology in combination with UF UF patent He has been four U.S. Patents for his work at the previous two years.

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