So that in children as vaccines poison an entire generation of According to a U.

So that in children as vaccines poison an entire generation of According to a U.S. Government survey just published, the rate of autism in children have doubled since 2003. Today, an estimated 1 in 91 children diagnosed with autism, so this. The highest rate in any population in the history of human civilization Meanwhile, the vaccination push comes to America, specifically to children with not only seasonal flu vaccine , but also the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

Autism is a neurological disorder. If the cause of autism the cause of autism, it only makes sense for causes of environmental factors , expose the children to chemicals linked to neurological diseases search.Who on the conference at the conference, it was important for human undergoing early HIV tests to avoid a ‘flood of sick people starving for treatment,’said Reuters AlertNet. ‘You first by the quite ill are overpowered, and they have very resource intensive on, when you at least get her while she have out – yet, you’ll have a chance,’said Darkoh Botswana has HIV / AIDS prevalence about 40 percent the adult population, HIV the world Darkoh said that developing countries. – world including South Africa. Could from Botswana to know experience of providing antiretrovirals, quoted by Reuters AlertNet ‘The issues on the ground, at the operational level are the same, ‘Darkoh, adding: ‘wake up you have and to say will will be – it can 20 ,, however will you do it ‘(Reuters AlertNet..

Bush and the South African President Mbeki two years ago, combined, Yahoo PEPFAR South Africa. I am pleased to inform you that just last week, President Mbeki and once again again stresses its commitment to the collaborative efforts of our partner engage in order to concerned of HIV and AIDS in South Africa, Fraser said (Xinhuanet.. PEPFAR U.S. Ambassador to South African Jendayi Frazer on Tuesday at the conference, said that having that President of Emergency plan for AIDS Relief last year, more than 25,000 HIV-positive people antiretroviral therapy, trains more than 30,000 health professional and services rendered for more than 70,000 HIV – concerned orphan or risk children South Africa, dealt with by Xinhuanet.

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