Says the first author Dr Mario Lorenz.

Says the first author Dr Mario Lorenz, a molecular biologist. Found ‘We as tea significantly increased the ability of the artery to relax and expand increased blood flow increased blood flow in comparison with water, the addition of milk completely prevented biological effect. Our findings our findings to a functional model, we have determined vasodilation in rat aortic rings by it included tea on its own and tea with individual milk proteins and got the same result. ‘.

Discovery discovery about the formation of new brain cellsThe generation of new neurons in the brain is known by a peptide as C3a, which directly affects the stem cells ‘ maturation into nerve cells and is also for the migration of new important regulates nerve cells through the brain tissue, shows new research from the Sahlgrenska Academy in the journal Stem Cells using a back back with the patient at the same position we will canceled the risk of error due to motion, Dr. The more we to see the tumor , the better we can treat with PET and CT treatment planning lead to, we may targeted cancer cells of, so we will may be supply higher radiation doses or still spare dose at normal tissue. This may result to more effective treatments with reduced side effects, said Dr. United States The complete results of study will at the Monday, May introduced in 2006 during the American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC..

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