Says David Knopman.

This illustrates the before the before the memory loss and mental decline in dementia. We believe that the disorder of the brain interfere somehow with maintenance of body weight began long before it affects memory and thinking. .. The results are presented to 16th July at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders in Madrid, Spain. We have discovered that the weight of those women who developed dementia drove down many years before the onset of symptoms, says David Knopman, Mayo Clinic neurologist and the study’s lead researcher.

The women who later developed dementia started at the same weight as those where no dementia, but then drifted her weight down to 136 pounds 10 years before symptom onset and 128 pounds at symptom onset. ‘.. Dr. Knopman and colleagues conducted this retrospective study, the analysis of the medical records of people, by a medical provider in Olmsted County, home of the Mayo Clinic For each patient, with the onset of dementia from 1990 to 1994 saw. They identified 560 patients and, for comparison, a group of similar age and sex to those identified in which no dementia.High blood pressure that affected one in three adults in Germany doubles, also the risk the development of Alzheimer ‘s disease increases the risk of stroke the damaging the brain and can initiate dementia.

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