SAEC membershipSAEC members include representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

SAEC founding members are: Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, sanofi-aventis and Wyeth.. SAEC membershipSAEC members include representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and government.Pharmaceutical industry partners have been closely involved in all aspects of the consortium’s launch, provides ongoing advice on the development and structure of the consortium scientific model, contributing cohort data and underwriting costs SAEC studies.

The SAEC also partnerships with other partnerships with other private and public institutions to continue their research. If their initial trials are successful, the SAEC hopes to other major drug-related adverse events examined to determine their underlying genetic causes.What do interpretations did the scientists move from these results?

– Study authors notes that the high standard of payments its of their trial, rheumatoid arthritis, that this is partly associated with people not ready extra 10 an extra 10 caps per day and digestive system problems when taking capsules had. Most of the people the study were also disease – modifying antirheumatic drugs for their rheumatoid arthritis, instead of providing of pain and inflammation relief when NSAID are not drug be used to treated which fact state of. They have an effect on body’s immune response and can to oppress the disease is and modify its progression.

What research study was this?It was a double blind, randomized, controlled study view of whether taking a high strength cod liver capsules can reduce the the need for certain painkillers in RA patients. Liver oil contain the essential fatty DHA and EPA that presumably become are anti-inflammatory effects. To see 97 people aged 37 to 78 years age enrolled with rheumatoid arthritis from the rheumatology Department of of two hospitals in Dundee and Edinburgh. Order that the study, had to the person disease and the medication for the last three months ago been stable, and them needed to was regularly taking NSAID drugs.

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