Rogers State University in Claremore

Oklahoma . Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma, will present a one-week summer camp for American Indian youth, that promote better health for Cherokee Indians, Tulsa World reports. The no-cost program will offer a number of fitness, team building and cultural activities to the first 80 youth who register (Tulsa World.

, Washington, DC in conjunction with in conjunction with the Intercultural Cancer Council Caucus Biennial Symposium on Minorities, the medically Underserved & cancer in Washington, DC instead – this week a new report that the the most up-to seeks to provide current data on racial and ethnic differences in cancer and cancer death rates by an ICC release. Called called, From Awareness to Action: a renewed call to the unequal burden of cancer remedy , provides realistic goals for supporting racial and ethnic minorities, rural residents, the elderly and the poor to die of cancer according,. The release the report provide a 12-step action plan on how the legislature can to address the problem .

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