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The oncogenic cousin, known as SGK1, resembles the widely known AKT oncogene in structure, according the study’s senior author Wenyi Wei, from the Department of Pathology at BIDMC and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School . , the two, the two very similar are very similar, says Wei. But in one important way they are very different. AKT is stable, it lives for a long time. But SGK1 has a very short life span and short-lived proteins are typically strongly. Each eye[ has] on AKT, but you have to wonder, increased. Cousin of AKT all the things AKT was able to do. Wei and his team therefore set out to better understand how cells control SGK1.The reason for conducting the study been in the realization that the targeted therapy of trastuzumab unprecedented efficacy could be proven for the treatment of HER2-positive early stage breast cancer. Moreover, the overexpression of HER2 also gastric cancer was observed. A targeted anti-cancer therapy is one kind of medicine that the growth of cancerous cells of by acting at of specific molecules that cause a tumor grow. The degree patients were randomized to get one the following treatments as first line therapy:.. Via the ToGA studiesToGA is the first randomized phase III study is studying the use trastuzumab to patients with unresectable locally advanced, recurrent and / or metastatic HER2-positive gastric cancer. Three thousand eight hundred eighty-three patients have been in the treatment of HER2 positive tumors and 594 patients with HER2-positive disease were tested included in the study.

Trastuzumab not certified for use in gastric cancer.. About Herceptin Trastuzumab is a humanized antibody, which be specifically the function of HER2 a protein is made by a specific gene with crab -causing potential. The mode of action of trastuzumab is unique because it activates body’s immune system and suppresses HER2 to target and destroy tumor cells. Trastuzumab detected unprecedented efficacy when treating of both the early and advanced HER2-positive cancer. In light only a monotherapy and into combination with or following standard chemotherapy, trastuzumab did been response rates disease free survival disease-free survival and the overall survival , and simultaneously.

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