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‘Pharmaceutical Television already dealt with current issues and guidance for the future of the industry, including the top companies, through news, analysis, interviews, panels and debates. Respondents come from leading corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., Sanofi-aventis, Roche and merckserono. ‘.. PTV News is on free trial for a limited time, the viewers subscribe to Pharma Television premium content package Interested parties please contact or visit the website Dr Walton says.

In addition to the news, to subscribers pharmaceutical Television premium content were recorded more than 200 high quality interviews and panel discussions since June 2006, delivered with fresh content on a regular basis Dr Walton closes. Contents of PTV News and other programs from pharmaceutical Television Premium content will soon digital by other pay-to-view television outlets has grown up.– There are considerable gaps the audit trail the flow the river follow of narcotics from manufacturer to patients.

– There should be to impose no restrictions to the right of doctors controlled drug in certain circumstances – for example, the the doctor prescription personal use only or use by the their / its immediate family members;.

– Shipman could not coronial study to every but two instances where he had avoided killed full-timethe current system the invocation of coroners has virtually totally dependent on the trade integrity and competence of of physicians.

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