Professor Enver said

The researchers showed that these cells arise from an abnormal fusion of two genes during the mother’s pregnancy. Professor Enver said, means This research shows that we are now, whether the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children can be correlated with either the disappearance or persistence of the leukemia stem cells . Our next goal is to complete the pre – leukemic stem cells and cancer stem cells specifically to deal with new or existing drugs to cure leukemia while avoiding the debilitating and often harmful side effects of current treatments. .

Professor Ruiz i Altaba team experimented with samples of brain and other tumors from patients, treating tumor cells and their cancer stem cells – the cells that continuously filled the growing cancer – in the laboratory with chemicals that modulate the activity of inhibition way Shh and lead to the inhibition of Gli-1. We take tumor samples and grow them in a variety of ways, said Professor Ruiz i Altaba. And inhibitors Shh Shh – Gli pathway, they all respond, demonstrating that every tumor we have tested requires this signaling pathway. – Professor Ruiz i Altaba added, Hedgehog signaling appears in many types of stem cells and many types of cancer to be involved particularly Gli-1 to be for the proliferation of tumor cells and especially for the distribution and maintenance of vital appears to be. Cancer stem cells we think the Gli code, the sum of all Gli activities in a state hyper activating ‘ is disabled in cancer, and if we can, they fall back to a repressive state, this could be a potential therapeutic approach. .

Protect patient privacy is also an area of significantly the Regenstrief research. A study by by Jeff Friedlin, in September – October 2008 Publication date describes the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association A new institution computer program which precise and fast removes or ‘scrubs’patient identifiers from medical records thereby preserving privacy. Friedlin a the Regenstrief scientist and lecturer in family medicine at IU School of Medicine.

Nowadays Regenstrief Medical Record system of has a databank of 9.6 millions of patients. It’s given birth to the Indianapolis of patient care Patient Care, the nation’s only city-wide exchange of health data. Such Metropolregion system allows ER physicians, the patient permission to, as a single virtual register View past nursing in any one of more than 25 hospital, improving care quality and the efficiency of the supply such nursing care.

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