Professor Dallas Swallow.

Professor Dallas Swallow, a geneticist at the Galton Laboratory at University College London, their theory was.’Implausible ‘Few of these diseases, except for intestinal and stomach discomfort scientifically scientifically associated with lactose intolerance. ‘ I ‘m about ‘confused, she said.

The pair believe that patients are on the not processed via the enzyme lactase, the lactose in their small intestines. As a result of the lactose is in the colon, and is then ‘eaten’by unsuitable intestinal bacteria, by Dr.unload the toxins in the body – a theory by Dr. Clayton controversial.Previously, only a few studies people living with HIV in Germany was watched likely to live.

In males and females as a whole, the life expectancy at 20 years of rose from 30.0 to 45.8 years (SI 1 , 1996 to 99, around 2006-08.

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