Notes1 6 6 means of working at height of 2005: Where work falls carried out at height open full text.

Notes1 6 6 means of working at height of 2005: Where work falls carried out at height, every employer must suitable and sufficient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person a distance is liable causing of personal injury. . open full text

HSE warns of the dangers of working at height after Worker Suffers Serious Injury Coventry, UKis the Health and Safety Executive has warned construction firms of the importance of implementing safe systems for working at height. This follows the HSE prosecution of a company after an incident in which a worker was seriously injured.

Peereveloping countries. Examines U.S. Policy drug abuse regarding, Harm ReductionThe Christian Science Monitor recent examine how some proponents and others drug abusers drug addicts welcome a shifting in U.S. Policies towards among IDUs and harm reduction. Stimson Stimson, Executive Director of International Harm Reduction Association, that the U.S. is a great block in minimizing the loss on the international political level, starts to change, and is changed abruptly. But that’s After monitor, some supporters of the U.S. Are calling to Programmes to to support IDUs in developing countries.

After their screen, some Asian countries with who commenced be reached order IDU given the health risks linked having drug use. For example, the Chinese government is off methadone clinics support and outreach services, while Indonesia inviting proponents to visit its prisons. Saddler Sattler a regional advisor on HIV / AIDS in the UN Office on Drug and Crime in Bangkok, Thailand, that the reduction of spread of HIV has ‘one of the very strong arguments that with government and they need for think about it to think about it ‘He added: ‘Many of the HIV epidemics in the area were and still have, is driven by the spread of HIV among drug users because they do not have access into a comprehensive package ‘(Montlake, Christian Science Monitor.

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