It is the fifth most common cancer in the world.

It is the fifth most common cancer in the world. In 2002, approximately 626,000 cases of HCC worldwide. With 15,000 cases in the United States and 53,600 in Europe HCC is mainly in developing countries, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Basin, and sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 626,000 cases worldwide around 410,000 were reported in Eastern Asia . HCC causes more than 600,000 deaths each year worldwide. The five – year survival rate is about seven %.. In preclinical models Hepatocellular carcinoma – Enrollment In Phase III trials with Nexavar in patients with metastatic melanoma and liver cancer Completed Hepatocellular carcinoma, also known as primary liver cancer is the most common form of liver cancer and is responsible for 80 % of the primary malignant liver tumors in adults.

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