Inderscience P O Box 735 Olney.

The UCLA School of Nursing is proud to be a leader in nurse research This is to be the transformation of the medical and the nursing profession .. Inderscience P O Box 735 Olney,UCLA School of Nursing, important research findings at the Western Institute Of Nursing Conference, April 13 to 16 in Las Vegas ShowcaseSeventeen faculty and students of the UCLA School of Nursing significant research results on the Western Institute of Nursing has today Annual Communications Nursing Research Conference, April 13 to 16 in Las Vegas.

Some of the UCLA research, presented the. On 14 April is doctoral student Ann Anaebere, April isss factors influencing condom use and sex partners decision in urban African American women. Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the research nurses could improve to cultivate improve through which interventions culturally and developmentally appropriate and are sexually safe behavior.The research shows that an excessive hygienic environment would the same time increase to buy a tendency to allergic reactions and tend autoimmune disease is, despite the fact model both reactions at two types of immune responses represent.

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