Including doctors.

Schatzberg, MD This bill will help Americans better understand what A that the health of consumers empowered to make decisions on accurate information about their service provider is based make. This law gives the patient an additional layer of certainty as to who. Providing services for them.. The legislation allows confusion and fosters an informed patient population requiring all health care professionals, including doctors, their qualifications and authorization to disclose in all advertisements. The bill will also empowered the Federal Trade Commission to combat deceptive or misleading advertising that misinform patients about the level of training a doctor. – Patients living with a mental illness can easily be confused about the level of qualification of health professionals, and are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent advertising, said APA President Alan F.

All advertisements.islation it would make it for patients make informed decisions about their health careThe APA was pleased to see Congress to introduce patient patients precise information on education, training and qualifications of the experts, the work carried out their health care.About ADEA:The American Dental Education Association is the leading national organizational the dental education. Its membership includes all U.S. And Canadian dental schools and many advanced dental education Programme, allied Dental Practitioners education programs, corporations, faculty, and student. The mission of from ADEA is run individuals and institutions in which dental schools affecting address issues affecting latest educational, research, and delivery of oral health for the health of the population.

Gies Its legacy has inspired dental teacher all, how we expect that this new awards will, added Richard W. Valachovic, President of the Foundation and Executive ADEAGies Director of to the American Dental Education Association .. William J. Inaugural William J. Gies Awards announce for vision, innovation and performance.

The ADEAGies Foundation announced the launch of the William J. Gies Award for Vision, innovation and achievement.

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