In mice of the DHA group.

Researchers observed that supplied the effects of stroke less severe in mice that a diet rich in DHA for three months than in mice that were a control diet. In mice of the DHA group, they saw a reduction of the concentrations of molecules to stimulate tissue inflammation and, conversely, a larger amount of molecules that prevent the activation of cell death.

‘This is the first convincing demonstration of the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of DHA in the brain,’said Fri d ric Calon the Universit? Laval Faculty of Pharmacy. Ctive effect results from the substitution of molecules in the neuronal membrane: DHA partially replaces arachidonic known an omega-6 fatty acid to its anti-inflammatory properties.The 2008 Annual Meeting and OTO EXPO to the American Academy of Otolaryngology – 24, 2008 in hotels in Chicago – be Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO – HNSF Called Convened September. The meeting is the largest gathering of ENT doctors and a forum renowned guests.

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