In addition to sessions on the development of the brain and mental performance

The Granada International Symposium brings researchers from both the Early Nutrition Programming Project and NUTRIMENTHE influenced their latest findings on the way in the early nutritional present long-term health. In addition to sessions on the development of the brain and mental performance, other discuss the impact of discuss the impact of early nutrition on later obesity and insulin resistance, and immune function .

The evidence that can change in the early nutrition long-term effects on brain structure, verbal IQ, eyesight, appetite regulation and may also on neurological outcome are at an International Symposium on Early Nutrition Programming in Granada, Spain . This is an area of research in which the EC has investing heavily as huge potential in terms of improving health and reducing health care costs of future generations provides -. Neuropsychiatric disorders, such as depression, These are the second most important cause of illness in the EU after cardiovascular disease . The EC has already passed? 13 million in the Early Nutrition Programming Project and has now invested other? 6 million in the project NUTRIMENTHE committed.

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