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In addition to increase human suffering, these infections in health care costs and the growing resistance to antibiotics.WHO problem, the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care improvements in blood safety, injection practices, water and sanitation, promote the safety of clinical procedures and hand hygiene get full text . The hand hygiene component. On the WHO guidelines for hand hygiene, the systematic use of the systematic use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer health care workers before and after contact with patients The guidelines are currently being implemented in Costa Rica , with the support of PAHO and the World Alliance for Patient Safety. ‘Hand hygiene, a very simple action that can greatly reduce nosocomial infections and their risks, and the price is the savings of millions of lives worldwide,’said Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety and Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom. ‘Infection prevention with health care is an important issue in the agenda of many countries throughout the world. ‘.

Under sponsorship of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, PAHO is coordinating a pilot project, So far the Clean Care Safe Care approach in Costa Rica, and similar projects are being planned in other countries of America.

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However Prem, which are AT & T a professor of Information Technology in the Faculty of Electronics and computer science and director of of the Centre for Photonics Communication and Computing at the Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering, and his group one step closer implementing the technology – however, on much better purpose. The group of been shown recently one of the fundamental building blocks distributed quantum computation with entangled photons generated found in optical fibers, and their research in the 4th April issue of of Physical Review Letters publish. ‘Because it is done to grain and which technology that is already being around the world that we think that it is is a key step in harnessing the power of quantum computers,’says Kumar. Public-keycal mechanics. – differs from classic computing, that a classical computer does by the processing of ‘bits of ‘in two conditions in two states, either one or zero. Quantum computation uses quantum bits or qubits in, in addition to being high or low in a ‘overlapping ‘, both of which can be both one and zero. This can be done because of qubits in quantum units of such as atoms, ions and photons, which are to be operated in accordance with the rules of quantum mechanics instead of of classical mechanics.

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