In addition to his work at the Stowers Institute.

We are delighted that Dr. Hawley has chosen for this honor from the American Cancer Society, said William B. President and CEO of the Stowers Institute His basic research on chromosome behavior among the best in this area it. That that Excellency Dr. Hawley acknowledged work and its relevance to cancer that date, see .. In addition to his work at the Stowers Institute, Dr. Hawley is Professor of Molecular Biosciences. From the University of Kansas, Lawrence He holds a BS in Biology from the University of California at Riverside and a Ph.D. In Genetics at the University of Washington, Seattle.

By Institute scientist named American Cancer Society Research ProfessorScott Hawley, a researcher at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, was the one American Cancer Society Research Professor. This designation carries an award of $ 300,000 over five years with the possibility of an additional five-year renewal. The company funding of Dr. Hawley is working on the first In January 2005 start. – ‘Society Research Professorship tremendously in the scientific community in the scientific community,’said Dr. ‘I am honored to join the ranks of distinguished scholars who have kept this title, and I look forward to continuing my research at Stowers Institute with the support of company.Wyden Third Way, Wall Street Journal Mr. Wyden being amazed by the opposition did produced his proposed in the left (Collinwood Levy?

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