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The researchers also found that the children experience the benefit of explaining a solution at an earlier age than previously thought.’This is one of the the first studies to investigate whether explanation are useful in children under 8, in a change in a change of a ,, ‘Rittle – Johnson said. ‘We have found that even 4 – year-olds can use explanation help them help them learn and apply what they have learned to other tasks. ‘.

Simply by listening to a mother helps her child to learnkids can their mother eyes when her mother asks her about their school day, but answering her may actually help them learn. New research from Vanderbilt University shows that children learn the solution to a problem about when they explain about it to her mother. – We knew that children learn well with their mothers or with a peer, but we did not know if that was because they were getting feedback and help, Bethany Rittle – Johnson , the lead author of the study and the at Vanderbilt at Vanderbilt Peabody College of education and human development, In this study we have just heard the children mothers, without any help. We have found that learning by simply listening, a mother helps her child.The law includes a provision obliging doctors to report unnatural deaths police, even if a result on malfunction or himself colleague. The court ordered defense Okai, said: ‘The Medical practitioner law requires just Physicians report that the cause a death is suspected not require you report her relationship to of medical treatment. ‘.

The decision of completed of the High Court decision to Kiyoshi Okai, that contain a fine of 20,000 yen.

The court Okai contention that the Medical practitioner law Constitution, which means that defendants does not oblige itself violation sees incriminate himself.

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