How Stress Can Affect Your Daily Routine

Stress is a normal part of life. Everyone feels it from time to time, some more often than others. But when does it start to become a problem? How do you know that it has become a problem?A good indicator that stress has become an all too regular part of your life is when you begin to notice it affecting your daily routine. It may take a little intentional thought to recognize this, however, because routines do become normal. A few weeks of a consistently stressful day-to-day life will seem like nothing to blink an eye at, but when you stop to consider how stress actually changes things, you’ll want to get a grip on it.stress_managment

Stress Keeps You from Sleeping Well

One huge way that stress affects your daily routine is by interrupting your sleep at night. It’s all to common for busy men and women to lay in bed at night in a tailspin of thought and anxiety about an area of life that seems unsettled or not put together. Your body requires an adequate amount of rest, and while you may get away with not sleeping well for a few days, it will take it’s toll eventually. You’ll find yourself feeling fatigued throughout the day, which will affect you in more negative ways than having an insatiable desire to curl up and take a nap in the middle of your staff meeting. A constant state of fatigue means your work will suffer, relationships will suffer, and surely your mood will suffer.

Stress Affects Your Ability to Concentrate

If fatigue hasn’t completely zapped all of your cognitive energy, hyper-focusing on what ever issue you’re grappling with will certainly do it. In other words, if you’re not sitting at your desk completely zoned out and deciding whether or not that sixth cup of coffee will help, you’ll be thinking hard about where the money is going to come from, what the test results will be, whether you’ll pass that class after that exam grade, or whatever the problem at hand may be. The nature of stressful situations is that we try to fix them to fix how we feel about them; many of us don’t examine how often stressful situations consume our thought, and to stop and do so would be jarring.

Stress Affects Your Homelife

One last way that stress will affect your day to day routine is simply by making you a less pleasant person to be around. Oftentimes our homelife and our personal relationships are the things that are expendable to us in hard times. It’s terrible, but lashing out and being irritable come so naturally when we are stressed, so we leave others feeling torn down and very resentful. At the very least we distance ourselves from people who love us and can actually help because we have spent all of our time, effort, energy and thought on the stressful issue at hand.

If you stop to examine your day to day routine, consider all of these things. If you find yourself sleepy during the day, unable to concentrate and irritable with family and friends, you may want to consider the source of your stress and attempt to get a good handle on it.

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