Ho told the press that in this study.

Ho told the press that in this study, able to able to increase the efficiency of the cancer drug they tested 70 times, while maintaining security.’It’s the best of both worlds,’he said.If you have a nanodiamond you understand why it has that name, would could see, it looks like a diamond, and it is not only its size, it is useful, but also its shape.’You are called truncated octahedrons,’says Ho’They are shaped like a football, but the faces are angled. ‘Are the faces of the nanodiamonds, which bind to the drug firm to can release their surface and slowly.Ho said sustained release was an important feature, since by their very nature, chemotherapy drugs are toxic. Over time, release over time, also reduces side effects of highly toxic chemotherapies.

You can read how she has this line in the 9th March issue of Science Translational Medicine.To find ways to make more effective chemotherapeutic agents is an ongoing challenge, especially for the treatment of cancers that are resistant to chemotherapy, such as breast and recurrent liver tumors.In general, treat otitis externa light. Early treatment is more avoid longer serious damage and complications and infections. After Medilexicon medicine Collins dictionary, external otitis inflammation the external auditory canal. Which are signs and symptoms to the externa otitis? A symptom is somewhat the patient is feeling and reports, while a sign be little other people, like to detect the doctor. For example , pain may can be a symptom while an rash may rash can skin rash can skin rash may skin rash may be be a sign.

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