Heres A Mid Life Crisis: Arthritis Can Start In Your Teens

By middle age a lot of our bodies have started withering away.

We have less melatonin making us gray, our skin loses elasticity which causes wrinkles, and the cartilage that made our joints move with such ease and comfort is also not as plentiful. It is that loss of cartilage that causes arthritis and it starts well before any of the stiffness and loss of movement associated with the condition can even be felt.

Osteoarthritis is basically going to happen to all of us according to Dr. Jason Theodosakis, but like many conditions of old age, there are things we can do while we are younger to prevent this from happening.

Of course, there is the wear and tear we put on our bodies with exercise and physical strain.

If we choose physical activity like swimming, yoga or pilates where there isn’t as much trauma to the joints you will delay arthritis and it’s nasty side effects.

Losing weight is always a great idea, and in this instance that is also true.

It not only puts extra weight on your joints causing them to work harder, but there is a chemical related to obesity that breaks down the often taken for granted connective tissue.

Dr. Theodasakis also recommends preventing sprains or injuries, but that sounds a little difficult.

Making sure that you get the injuries properly treated is a more likely plan for most of us.

Ankle injuries left untreated can cause you to use your ankles, knees and hip joints to work differently than designed and that makes cartilage wear differently than designed.

Any joint that has cartilage is susceptible to arthritis so all joint injuries need to be treated promptly and properly.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin D have all been shown to in some small way decrease the amount of cartilage we lose as we get older.

Diets supplemented with these nutrients will help with preventing the early onset of osteoarthritis.

It is much easier to fight a problem before it becomes a problem and in the case of arthritis, where once you lose the cartilage it won’t come back, prevention is your best weapon.

Be good to your joints now and they will be good to you, and you may get a few more good years out of that body yet.

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