Health Risks of Cell Phones

Since cell phones first started becoming popular, researchers have been talking about how they might be bad for your health. The health risks of cell phones have been proven in some studies, but that hasn’t stopped people from using them almost constantly throughout their everyday life. If you’ve ever wondered about the dangers of cell phones, here are some things for you to consider.


Texting Health Risks

While most people think about the radiation effects on their brain as one of the common health risks ofcell phones, have you ever thought about all the texting you do? Texting is probably more common now than talking on cell phones. All of this texting has led to the term “Blackberry thumb” which refers to sore thumbs from typing LOL, OMG and other abbreviations and words so much. In serious cases, you could feel numbness, discomfort, and even pain in the base of your thumbs due to overusing them. In most cases, it is a minor nuisance, but there are cases where people have needed pain medicine, splints or even operations to fix the problem.


Many people are finding one of the dangers of cell phones is that they are allergic to some of the metals in them. Metals, like nickel, can cause a condition called contact dermatitis which can result from a mild redness in the area to a rash and even blisters for those who are severely allergic to these metals. Dermatologists have reported an increased number in this condition in recent years.

Male Fertility

One of the more serious health risks of cell phones can be a reduction in sperm quality in males. In studies where men used their cell phones for four hours a day or more, their quality of sperm was much poorer than those in the study who didn’t use their cell phone much throughout the day. That should be enough to make men think about the dangers of cell phones.

Cancer Risks

With all of the radiation that cell phones emit, one of the health risks of cell phones is the increased chance of cancer. Most studies in this area focus on how cell phones are linked with cases of brain cancer, but researchers have not established a direct link. Some studies have shown a correlation between cell phone usage and brain cancer while others do not show a direct correlation. But one of the reasons for the studies that do not establish that link could be due to the limited time frame. Since brain cancer can take years to develop, it is difficult to reach a definite conclusion because cell phones have only been popular for 10 years or so.

These are some of the potential health risks of cell phones. When used in moderation, the dangers and risks are minimized. But with constant use, you could be putting yourself at risk.

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