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.U http://dapoxetineonline.org .S. Teenagers increase Shows Need For Authentic Abstinence EducationYesterday’s announcement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , has announced an increase of U.S. Teens birth for the first time since 1991, clearly shows the utter failure of contraceptive-based sex education, said the Family Research Council . FRC called for a focus on authentic abstinence education as the best form of prevention for young people in the countryside. ‘What are we really witness the effects of the contraceptive-focused sex education, often called the term’comprehensive sex education ‘, ‘said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. ‘So-called comprehensive sex education falsely exaggerates the protective effect of condoms and promotes unsafe behavior The results could not be clearer. Increasing STD in young people, and an increase in out-of – marriage teen pregnancy ‘ ‘Authentic abstinence – until – marriage education focuses on a risk avoidance strategy rather than mere risk reduction, to help young people avoid, sexual activity, build character and develop healthy relationships in contrast to the physical – health-only approach of contraception. Based education, abstinence – until – marriage education promotes a holistic health care message, mental, emotional and physical health of addresses in a mutually reinforcing way, ‘added Perkins rejected.

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