Fields speech comes ahead of National Black HIV / AIDS Awareness Day

Fields’ speech comes ahead of National Black HIV / AIDS Awareness Day, for the 7th February is planned . The awareness day has the theme Black Life is Worth Saving and organizers are to testing about the disease and tests HIV infection, and community involvement among blacks contribute.

What percutaneous nephrostolithotomy, stone – free rates ranging from 68 percent to 100 percent after PCNL treatment with or without combined lithotripsy called sandwich therapy. A recent large retrospective series of percutaneous nephrostolithotomy showed a success rate of 90 percent with a process. It also seems both rigid and flexible ureteroscopy, usually have a success rate of 90 percent in children with almost half of the children who are removed either a repeat procedure, a stent or a stent put above all – for passive dilatation. There are reports in both laparoscopic and robot -assisted pyelolithotomy. Laparoscopy in 2004 described showed it. A 100 percent success rate on 8 children Subsequent robot pyelolithotomy followed with 5 cases, 4 of which were closed and robots 1, for an open conversion. Although in its infancy, it seems this is another minimally invasive approach that deserves further investigation. It seems that the evolving techniques of minimally invasive surgery with increasingly smaller ensembles have radically altered the management of pediatric stone disease -. However, the morbidity of this disease is very high, and we should concentrate more on preventive measures than surgical procedures. It is been my experience that about 1/3 of patients with stones require some surgical procedures and more than half of these patients repeat stone require surgery require surgery later. We need to to diagnose their patients do do form stones by 24 hour urine analysis and other parameters such as parathyroid hormone and vitamin D levels. I also believe it would be prudent to start surveys bone for bone density studies in patients who repeatedly perform stone formers. It could even be, gene array studies to see whether population in a cluster of genes that are either affected or perhaps implicitly forming in the rock.

More than 5.3 million Americans are Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease, and of each seventy-one seconds anyone in America develops the illness. 50 % of the people aged 85 and older has Alzheimer. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, by mid-century someone are to create AD every 33 seconds, and it is nearly a million new cases a year. ‘With the land an unprecedented economic challenge and a rapidly aging baby boomer population is now the to to cope with the burgeoning Alzheimer crises in that charges triple healthcare to Americans 65 years,’said Harry Johns, Alzheimer Gesellschaft Chief Executive Officer.

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