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EditorialsSeattle Times. ‘The Catholic Church opposition to birth control, including condoms, is known, ‘but Benedict ‘did significant damage by criticism of condoms in the fight against HIV / AIDS,’says an editorial in the Times. Condoms condoms ‘have the the spread of the disease, ‘while ‘The fact that is the Pope would denounce condoms on the way to the the continent hardest hit by the epidemic unfortunate. ‘The editorial notes that Benedict ‘comments matter because tools in many religious communities, the question of how to react to compared the devastation of AIDS to be weighed opposition to condoms. But the reality is wiped that until this deadly scourge, all including condoms, are necessary ‘.

Curry concludes: If we continue in the fight against in the fight against AIDS, we need to be more open about the value of using condoms, however unpleasant it may make us, we have to quit to save lives in front of our unease. . Philadelphia Inquirer, 03).. George Curry, Philadelphia Inquirer: though many people disagree with the Pope and his contention therefore, that condoms could be worse dangerous Benedict a willingness to even mention the C – word should be applauded, Inquirer columnist Curry writes in a statement. Each Curry writes: Our unease about sex education for young people – and our inability to openly and honestly discuss condom use – is killing us. He continues that recent studies have shown that many U.S. Youth are sexually active, and therefore, we must move protection encourage young people to use protection when they have sex when they have sex.The disease being named for American physician Dr. Burrill Bernard Crohn , is characterized by recurring episodes on active disease. It affects approximately 150,000 people in Germany, five new cases per 100,000 people diagnosed each year. It was a significant increase in the incidence rates over recent years. Patient with Crohn disease who an increased risk of contracting colon cancer. It as a as a foundation of public law. Since 1975, it has an Gro? Research Facility .

Which research team has now showed that patients to colon CD are on average only three copies of said gene to beta-defensin-2, while healthy control subjects and patients with a small bowel CD or a ulcerative colitis, another inflammatory bowel sickness have an average four copies of this gene per cell. The researchers demonstrated that a lesser number of gene copies of, in fact, with reduced production of endogenous antibiotic In 1975 well-known low defensin level described linked. They suspect that this is the defense of intestinal mucosa caused germs bacteria value to and invade the mucous membrane, which inflammable inflammatory hot spots of Crohn.. Defensin genes have in nests, so-called cluster, positioned on chromosome 8.

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