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While neurobiologists have known that a certain area of the brain called the fusiform face area , lights when activity when we called to see a face – and even that the FFA is necessary for us faces to recognize – it is unclear in what nature of the processing does of the region. – Now, Galit Yovel and Nancy Kanwisher two questions two questions with a series of experiments in attack: the type of processing that occurs in the FFA and whether the FFA is domain specific, that is involved exclusively in face perception, or whether the area is employed in more general spatial processing of visual characteristics.Of particular significance was the fact that the recorded CTCs were able grown and expanded in culture. This intact living tumor cell could be used for additional testing and molecular analysis the screening of pharmaceuticals, the personal needs of individual patients about. Further tests find in that the apparatus sensitive enough that sudden surges in the the number of CTC that an metastatic cancer cross signal and might therefore be alerting clinician record disease progression.. In the lab shown the new approach extremely high efficiency by the detecting over 90 % of all CTCs from the blood of mice breast.

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