BYETTA was approved by the FDA in April 2005.

BYETTA was approved by the FDA in April 2005, treatment of type treatment of type 2 diabetes as add-on therapy in patients who do not achieve glycemic control despite using the commonly prescribed diabetes medications metformin, a sulphonylurea or a approved combination of both.

By a long-standing commitment to the treatment of diabetes, Lilly provides patients with breakthrough treatments that they live longer healthier and more fulfilling life allow. Since 1923, Lilly has been the industry leader in helping breakthrough therapies, health care professionals to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes , and research continues on innovative medicines to address the unmet needs of patients. For further information about the current Lilly diabetes products visit.The serum Institute of India , since then, the country s largest national vaccines supplier and exporter and its products reach 138 countries the company claims. Trends continue world’s largest measles vaccine producers and are with UNICEF and to the Pan American Health Organization, helps immunization half of the children of the world against several diseases.

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