Borzekowski adds.

Borzekowski adds . To tackle obesity, it may be necessary, to amount of food and beverage advertising on commercial television and other media to limit shown , as this children to reduce nagging for unhealthy products.

‘Researchers chose mothers for interviews because they are most likely to act as a ‘nutritional gatekeepers ‘for their budget and the control of food purchasing and preparation are for little kids. Borzekowski and colleagues found that nagging seemed to fall into three categories: juvenile nagging, nagging to test boundaries and manipulative nagging. Mothers consistently cited 10 strategies for dealing with the nagging, the strategies involved in giving, shouting, ignore, distract, to stay calm and consistent, avoiding the commercial environment, negotiating and setting rules so that alternative products, explains the reasons for decisions, and limiting commercial exposure.Proceedings of the Royal Society in W: Biological SciencesW Proceedings of the Royal Society flagship model organic trade magazine that deals with of rapid Publish and wide dissemination of high quality research activities, ratings and comments and response papers. The extent magazine is varied and is especially strong in biological undertakings.

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