Almost half of the survivors died from a recently published study of other conditions.

Cancer survivors to live much longer than it was a few decades ago. So with this great group of cancer survivors, we must pay more attention to cancer survivors ‘ overall health. .. Mortality in nearly half Cancer Survivors Because conditions other than cancerAlthough recurrence may be the primary fear for many survivors, almost half of the survivors died from a recently published study of other conditions.These results show survivors may benefit from a more comprehensive, less cancer – focused approach to benefit their health, according to the researcher Yi Ning, assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health at Virginia leading Commonwealth University Research and associate Member at VCU Massey Cancer Center in Richmond, Ning presented the results at the AACR Annual Meeting 2012, March – 4 – We have recognized that the mortality had declined in some cancers such as breast cancer, said Ning.

The researchers found that the longer after her first after her first cancer diagnosis, were were to die of another disease: 32.8 % died in another state within five years after diagnosis, compared with 62.7 % after 20 years.Facts about Mrs. Growing and skills – Mrs. Is now home to 275 beds, 200 staff and greater than 600 physician – the one hundred and forty fifth woman as 11uare-foot, $ 75 million expansion will open in early 2009 – increasing The expansion of which total number of beds in the hospital through 367 with – The expansion will enable doctors to longer than 11. Acting Director of HIV – AIDS prevention at the CDC in the Washington Post by the Washington Post the words to:.

– This is a historic occasion from woman, said Linda Russell, than 170.000 wife Hospital. Our commitment and know how in health care on women and infants, associated with our world class doctors and employees – many of them have us since more than 20 years ago. Contributed to the realizing this impressive milestone me failed be prouder Russell said wife. Eberhard Lotze, Chief Medical Officer woman was at hand for honor the 9,000 PH delivery. One of the establishing hospital doctors, he supplied one of its first baby. If we are been woman hospital in 1976, we never thought that we need more than 170,000 births is up. Nationally recognized, new ways in gynecology from the beginning, and I proud to say that the tradition continues, said Lotze..

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