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In a study published last month found Mojtabai and his colleagues found that prescriptions for antidepressants by non – psychiatrist providers without any accompanying psychiatric diagnosis more than 30 % in the past decade.

GE Healthcare Introduces New Compatibility for Fractional Flow Reserve Evaluation with the Mac-Lab XT and XTi hemodynamic recording systemGE Healthcare, the $ 17 billion medical division of General Electric Company , today announced the Mac-Lab validation of compatibility with the Volcano SmartMa pressure instrument and PrimeWir pressure guide wire for evaluation of Fractional Flow Reserve .Add News News, the New York Times examines that drought China’s Yunnan province. This drought be the southern Chinese worst part, climatologists tell, in the 80 to 100 years. From Yunnan eastward through of Sichuan and Guizhou and Guangxi region, the ground on some 30. E-mail to 000 square miles on crops crops has the deputy minister of water resources, Liu Ning told last Wednesday. Around 24 millions of people are short on water. Casualties losses an total $ 3500000000 (Wines.

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