According to the Alzheimers Association?

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. According to the Alzheimer’s Association? Ralph Nixon, Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, this research adds human validation of the puzzle, such as beta-amyloid accumulates in the brain. ‘This is the first of this kind of data in a human, ‘and as such provides important preliminary validation studies in animal models that are incomplete and often conflicting information.

Therapeutic targets.Researchers say the study is significant because will be the first will be the first beta-amyloid production and clearance measuring long as an underlying cause of the disease and could lead to a simple test may a blood test early enough the protein is early enough lead to Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms begin to recognize.####A part of results from this study who published in the Jan. 1 edition the international magazine Tetrahedron. The balance of the results at various international in various international magazines on BioMed. Reference: Otavio Caba P rez? The Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology of at the University in Granada.

The Meaning of the study, who in which researchers from the Institute for Pharmaceutical and Chemistry well as cooperated it the identifying from total of six antitumor compounds similar 5-fluorouracil , to one of the enabled most frequently used medicines fighting colon and breast cancer today. These connections are active against malignant cells How Caba P Rec recalls fight tumors method to fight tumors produce several collateral damage A medication can be very effective breast cancer but there may also affect the remainder of the benign epithelial fabrics. We all know, current treatments for carcinogenic to destroy a great number of unaffected cells of affected cells the affected cells, says P Caba?

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