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About Genetic Immunity . Genetic Immunity is a U click here to see .S. / Hungarian development biopharmaceutical company illnesses founding leadership in nanomedicines for immune amplification of the next generation of biopharmaceuticals nanomedicine, an offshoot of nanotechnology, refers to highly specific medical intervention at the molecular scale for curing or repairing damaged tissues, such as bone, muscle, or nerves. Leverages its proprietary immune amplification platform technology, wants to Genetic Immunity to new markets for infectious diseases, cancer and allergies create through the discovery, development and commercialization of topically nanomedicine. This data represent a significant medical need and the potential for alternative treatments. Genetic Immunity founder discovered the major product nanomedicine candidate These two components for the treatment of HIV / AIDS. The DermaVir Patch is in Phase II clinical development and could be the first nanomedicine immune therapy for HIV-infected individuals have been approved. DermaVir Patch excellent excellent safety, immunogenicity and antiviral efficacy in preclinical studies. Phase I / II clinical trials have confirmed the safety and tolerability and indicate the induction of long-lasting HIV-specific T – cells.

Rheumatoid arthritis – MorphoSys Announces Completion of first dose in phase 1 trial for MOR103 ProgramMorphoSys AG announced the completion of of a first dosing in a Phase 1 clinical study in healthy volunteers the HuCAL-derived antibody MOR103 with no adverse events reported. Six healthy volunteers in the first dosing group were enrolled and received MOR103 injections were given three volunteers placebo. The security verification of the medical data from the lowest dose came to the conclusion that it was safe to continue to the second dose group. The randomized, double – blind, placebo – controlled, single – ascending dose study will be carried out in about. 50 healthy volunteers and in a in a Clinical Pharmacology Unit in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The in in the final report the final report is expected in Q1 2009.

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Vaccine against HPV: Only one in four black girls qualifying the human papilloma vaccine Gardasil , although most, although most of the believe that the vaccine is safe, following a survey of Pennsylvania Department of Public Health, HealthDay carried / USA Today reports the 71 respondents. The majority of which were black – many said that despite controversies about the vaccine, they feel Gardasil will has safe, effect and a wise move. Forty-five parent or guardian of the girls had the same ideas , but most could not think that of the vaccine informed of availability for of their health care professional. Moreover, almost said 44 percent the have not been vaccinated not been vaccinated, they would likely be as soon take (McKeever, HealthDay / USA Today.

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