About a quarter of women are smokers when they become pregnant.

.’About a quarter of women are smokers when they become pregnant, ‘Brandon says. In 2001country.e good news is that about half of them smoking or or in expectation of becoming pregnant are finished. The bad news is that about 70 % of the women with smoking within six months within six months of birth. The aim of our study is to pregnant women me me to quit smoking brochures, help them, and give birth after she could have quit sending. We want to know women women of these booklets and how much the booklet they help ‘.

Moffitt New Study Helps Pregnant Quit SmokingThe H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute announces a new study, Forever for Baby And Me , led by Thomas H Brandon, director of the Tobacco Research. The study is to women. In the fourth to the eighth month of pregnancy, been been smoking but smoking just before or during pregnancy.About the Author: John A. Director of coagulation of Laboratories and professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

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