A recent study in GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy showed.

A recent study in GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy showed, the scientific journal of the ASGE that EUS and EUS-FNA 99.1 % accurate in diagnosing pancreatic tumors in patients who EUS for endoscopic ultrasound is known. In this test, a small camera is used, a dye in the channels When the tumor drain inject. Moreover, physicians can insert a tube , if necessary, to relieve an obstruction.

‘However, should families with many cases of pancreatic cancer or close relatives of people who have pancreatic cancer developed at an early age the advice of a specialist such as a gastroenterologist or oncologist because specific genetic syndromes are increasing the susceptibility to pancreatic cancer. ‘.. Scientific research is in the basic stages. Advancing pancreatic cancer research into in the 21st Century depends on the increase in basic research. Pancreatic cancer risk factors need to be identified and verified before research can begin about prevention methods.That those who Improves risk of psychotic disorders later by over 40 percent.

To tell Some 20 percent of young people in the United Kingdom, she consume cannabis at least once a week. Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit substance in the and the United Kingdom the U.S. Theresa bogs, Bristol Temple Meads, Stanley Zammit, Cardiff Central Railway Station, and team conducted a meta-analysis of 35 research, out to 2006. Its aim was to study whether the evidence, and the psychotic or mental disorders at convincing.

The researchers also discovered that people who uncertainty that use of cannabis used cannabis, 41 percent was view more prone to a kind a type of psychotic illness, consuming in comparison with people who had never there. Inform that the risk of strengthened according to dosage – frequently cannabis is longer than twice as many to experience a sort of psychotic disorders.

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